Equine Body Therapy (EBT) is professionally recognised as an Approved Training Provider with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) – one of the world’s leading professional bodies, representing businesses such as EBT in areas of natural health and complimentary therapies. Our affiliation with IICT provides graduates of the EBT START practitioner course with the opportunity to professionally insure themselves through a range of leading insurers: a must for those seeking a career in this exciting field.

The strength of the EBT START program lies in the total body approach, starting with an overall assessment of the whole horse including hoof balance. The assessment identifies the key areas for treatment, with the initial treatment often ‘unlocking’ other areas of the body. This can resolve deeper long-standing issues that may have been affecting performance and general well-being.

The benefits of an Equine Body Therapy treatment to your horse include:

  • Contributes to muscle strength and suppleness
  • Assists in joint mobility and range of movement
  • Helps overcome skeletal issues
  • Improves circulation
  • Alleviates pain and discomfort
  • Contributes to detoxification and lymphatic drainage
  • Minimises muscle, tendon, ligament stiffness and strain and facilitates tissue repair




Sue Parker is the founder and driving force of Equine Body Therapy (EBT). Sue has several qualifications in remedial therapies which have led to the development of the EBT START (Soft Tissue Assessment and Response Testing) Program.

Sue has worked with over 10,000 horses as an equine body therapist in the past 15+ years, including running rehabilitation programs under veterinary supervision. With the extensive knowledge gathered through the years, Sue decided it was time to start to teach trainers and horse owners about what they can do with their horses to prevent injuries and improve the healing time for those injuries that have already occurred.

Over this time she realised that it was essential to assess the horse’s whole body effectively before carrying out treatment; this led to a dramatic improvement in noticeable results.  This in turn led to the development of a structured methodology and education program called Equine Body Therapy START (Soft Tissue Assessment and Response Testing) progam.  EBT START is a unique way of carrying out systematic and sequential assessment checks to provide specific indicators to soft tissue and skeletal problems.

Equine Body Therapy is now a registered therapy and listed on the International Institute of Complementary Therapies as a ‘trainer provider’.

The best part of the EBT START program is that it enables early detection, before a general soreness becomes a long term injury.


Kim Blanch has been performing body therapies on horses for the past 20 years. During the past 13 years, the focus has been treating, researching and developing the practical assessment and treatment of horses and the development of EBT workshops and clinics.

  • Equine Body Therapy Practitioner
  • Equine Muscle Release Therapy Practitioner
  • Equine Craniosacral Practitioner
  • Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III in Racing (Advanced Stablehand)




Sue spent her childhood surrounded by horses; nurturing a passion for working with horses that has remained throughout her life. Sue went on to a career treating horses in the racing industry and undertook many therapy courses such as Equine Muscle Release Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. She also obtained diplomas in Sports Massage, Human/Equine/Canine Therapy and Equine Stud Management. She has an Advanced Stablehand Certificate and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

M: 0438 803 381

My passion is to improve the health and wellbeing of all types of animals especially horses. The horses that have come into my life encouraged me to study horse anatomy and remedial therapies. This passion led me to learn remedial therapies such as horse massage then become a practitioner in Equine Muscle Release Therapy, Equine Craniosacral Therapy and Equine Body Therapy.

I have been working with Sue Parker in the research and development of workshops, clinics and the practical assessment and treatment of horses for the past 13 years. As a practitioner of EBT, my work includes assessing and applying remedial therapy to aid in the welfare and rehabilitation of horses involved in a variety of disciplines, with the majority of my work involving the thoroughbred and standardbred racing industries.

Other credentials are: Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy, Canine Body Therapy, Advanced Stablehand, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Hands-on hoof balance/trimming courses and saddle fit courses have been undertaken also because they are of immense importance in the performance for all breeds and disciplines of horses. I have attended a number of very informative and educational equine anatomy lectures and practical workshops with industry leaders from Australia and overseas.

M: 0428 572 110

Anne-Maree has successfully completed the EBT START (Soft Tissue and Response Testing) program.

Anne-Maree is a mother and part time Accounts Officer who has always had a passion for horses and their welfare. She grew up and worked on farming properties in Victoria’s Western District and now, with her family, runs a small agistment property near Warrnambool.

After beginning riding as a child, she followed her sister along the path of classical dressage and ultimately spent time in Portugal as a working pupil with the famous Master, the late Nuno Oliviera. Anne-Maree continues her journey in the art of classical dressage assisted by regular visits from another mentor from Portugal.

Quite a horse orientated family – her daughters are also keen and successful riders who have spent many years at Pony Club and represented their zone at State level in dressage and eventing. Her husband has a history of playing polo, campdrafting and stock horses. Anne-Maree is still involved as an instructor and dressage judge with the Victorian Pony Club movement.

Some years ago, Anne-Maree inherited a young mare with many issues and has sort professionals that have the patience, kindness and knowledge to help. This has led to study as an owner trimmer and she now maintains all of the family’s seven horses successfully barefoot. The quest also led her to meet Sue Parker and the results have been so remarkable that she was inspired to learn more about Equine Body Therapy and ultimately become an Equine Body Therapy practitioner.

M: 0408 905 323

I, Karen Harrison, am a wife, mother, grandmother and horse person and for all my adult working life, a Registered Nurse. Nursing has been the single largest influence on my life – it has given me a career that has spanned two countries (NZ and Australia) where I have held posts of Director of Nursing several times. I have completed three post graduate degrees – the last being a Master of Health Services Management.

I have always loved and respected horses. Growing up in a farming community in NZ, I became involved in Pony Clubs as an Instructor going right through to B-level under the guidance of the only BHSI instructor in NZ. I also became a judge for the Western Riding Federation in NZ for western performance, and breed halter classes.

In Australia I have been a member of the Australian Stock Horse Society for 15 years, having completed courses as a Coach and a Judge. I also compete, train and breed stock horses and take yearlings to an annual sale.

I have always been interested in the management of horse welfare –and have researched several methods to keep horses fit to carry out the work required of them. It was a chance meeting with Sue Parker and Kim Blanch working with a campdraft horse Keith (my husband) had at the time which demonstrated very clearly how to improve a horse’s physical soundness. The improvement was dramatic and has led me to become an Equine Body Therapy student practitioner.

The workshops have been intense, hard work – both physically and mentally at times, and it has been a wonderful time learning to give back to horses. What has been very apparent though has been the improvement in the horses I treat – from a severely injured yearling, to a seasoned campdraft campaigner that needs constant maintenance.
In every case, the horses have improved, become pain free and have been able to continue a normal life.

M: 0417 284 195

My name is Sarah Joy Cottingham and I reside in Durham Lead with my husband, two sons and 10 horses. I grew up Colac, a town in the western district of Victoria. I had a somewhat shaky introduction to horses on my uncle’s farm when I was just four years of age. After much pleading I was placed upon a 14 hh stock horse. He became spooked, bolted up a hill and under trees. I held onto his long mane like nobody’s business. He finally stopped, I survived and from that day on I was hooked. Go figure!! This started my lifetime journey with horses from riding schools, pony club, showjumping, eventing and then nearly 10 years in the racing industry as a stablehand, track rider, starter and owner.

My love and fascination of thoroughbreds grew stronger and I progressed onto rehabilitating off-the-track thoroughbreds and giving these much deserving animals another chance. It was one of these thoroughbreds that was quite troubled, who left a significant impact on me and became my greatest teacher. He gave me a much deeper understanding of equine behaviour. I was then driven to study many renowned approaches to horsemanship and observe herd behaviour more closely. I have been teaching horsemanship for the past 20 years and I will never stop learning myself!

On many numerous occasions I wish I had the knowledge that I am gaining now from Equine Body Therapy to address behavioural issues that originated from pain in their body. Over the years I have had many masseurs and even chiropractors treat my horses but it wasn’t until I discovered Sue and EBT that I saw the most incredible and instant results that I have ever seen in my horses. I was so impressed by the way Sue could ‘read’ their muscles and then know with precision where that pain was coming from and treat it that I knew there and then I need to know this stuff!

I realise how vital this knowledge and skills are to have as a horse owner and a teacher. I have a high respect for horses and what they have done for me and humans throughout history. It is incredibly rewarding to see the positive results and relief that horses express during and after I treat them. I feel indebted to Sue for sharing her talent and skills so I can give back to the equine world.

M: 0400 321 159

M: 0438 164 037

M: 0417 303 195

Appreciating a close connection to equine and all animals throughout my life is innately who I am.

Seeing each individual for who they are and where they’re at in life.  Performance to retirees, across all ages, breeds and disciplines.

Growing up of farms, mustering and stock work on horseback, enhanced my love for horses, animals and nature.

Worked in the equine and agriculture industry for some years.

Worked within pharmaceutical and food industry as quality assurance and laboratory technician.

Along with being an EBT practicioner, I  hold a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy; working for myself in this field, and Reiki master practitioner teacher.

Being of service through bodywork is now my life!, and will continue to develop through ongoing studies and research!

M: 0431 203 489

M: 0419 540 479

Dr. Claire Wade is an experienced mixed-practice veterinarian and owner of Wade Veterinary Services, located in South West Victoria.

Claire was the first veterinarian to study Equine Body Therapy and began using the techniques on canine patients with wonderful results. This led to the creation of a Canine Body Therapy course for EBT qualified practitioners and Claire currently treats patients with EBT and the canine version, CBT in South West and North East Victoria and uses the techniques for rehabilitation of patients after surgery.

Claire grew up with horses and has been riding for over 35 years. Although she became a vet to work with horses, Claire found her veterinary passion with cattle and spent the early years after graduation as a dairy vet. More recently she has worked in animal welfare and as a small-animal locum since returning to study in 2015. She has long been passionate about blending western veterinary care with complimentary therapies and recently completed study Animal Biomechanical Medicine, a post-graduate course encompassing chiropractic, osteopathy and soft tissue rehabilitation. “EBT provided a solid foundation for my further study, allowing me to better understand how soft tissue therapy can prepare the body for healing and overcome dysfunction.”

Claire is available to treat your horses at a variety of regional centres in the South West of Victoria and periodically in the North East in conjunction with work for other veterinary clinics. She prefers to treat dogs in conjunction with your usual veterinarian in order that full care can be achieved using your whole team. You can contact Claire on mobile 0408 349 686 or visit Wade Veterinary Services on Facebook.

M: 0408 349 686

Hi everyone. I’m Michelle Collins. I have been around horses for over 25 years and have participated in many different disciplines over that time. I am also a qualified zoologist with a major in animal behaviour and also have a post graduate diploma in teaching. I am very passionate about EBT and the brilliant results it gets for horses. Working with and helping horses has been a long time dream of mine and I am thrilled to be able to see my dream come to life in such a positive way for horse and rider!

M: 0421 043 795

Having grown up on a farm riding stock horses and being part of my family’s business that bred and raced Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds, I have basically been involved in the equine industry for most of my life. I’ve operated a training business, starting young horses of all breeds and in many disciplines. I then moved into cutting horses and have worked as a professional trainer of Cutting and Campdraft horses, training in both Australia and the USA. I have travelled throughout Australia conducting clinics on Horsemanship, Campdrafting and Working Cow Horse.

As a trainer, I understand the importance of maintaining the general welfare and soundness of every horse. Developing and maintaining horses at an elite level of fitness, where they perform at their highest level is a fundamental part of my training program. This need led me to engage the services of many horse masseurs and practitioners. I owned a particularly nice gelding and had trained him through as a cutter. This horse was a big stopper and always enthusiastic on a cow. He was also prone to soreness and had many different practitioners work on him using a variety of techniques. But he still needed continual maintenance, despite these treatments. It also meant that I had to alter my training program. Regardless of all the attention he received, he still remained sore.

Being involved in campdrafting, I had heard of Sure Parker and her Equine Body Therapy modality that she had developed. I decided to do the EBT first module and told Sue about the horse. I asked if she could help him. She suggested I bring him for the next session, and that I would work on him. It was amazing how he responded. I was completely sold on the effectiveness of Equine Body Therapy and Sue’s teaching. I now had knowledge to promote and maintain a sound horse.

I determined I needed to know more and completed all EBT Modules, qualifying to become an EBT practitioner. Being an Equine Body Therapy practitioner has allowed me to connect with horses in a fascinating way. Seeing improvement and change in the horses I treat is immensely satisfying.

I currently hold accreditation with the following bodies:

  • Professional Trainer Instructor: Horse Safety Australia
  • Professional Trainer Instructor: Sport SA
  • AQHA Professional Trainer and Clinician
  • National Cutting Horse Association AA Judge
  • National Cutting Horse Association Professional Trainer
  • Southern Campdrafting Association Senior Open Judge.

I am constantly amazed at how horses of all types, breeds and disciples respond to, and benefit from EBT. Assisting horses to feel and perform at their best is hugely satisfying to me. It’s also great hearing the positive feedback from owners and trainers.

I currently travel throughout Victoria and NSW, treating horses using EBT so if I can assist in the treatment, repair and maintenance of your horses, I would love to help and show you how this amazing modality can improve the performance and well-being of you own horses.

M: 0427 568 476



My passion for horses began as a child on our family property doing stockwork on horseback. I was then extremely fortunate to spend a lot of time with Jim and Melinda Moore learning natural horsemanship. After studying Agriculture & Agronomy, I moved to New South Wales with my horses to pen-ride in a large cattle feedlot which was a wonderful experience.

I love travelling around to compete in campdrafts and Stockman’s Challenges.  The work and competitions that I do are of high intensity for the horses and throughout my life I have searched for a way to connect with them on a level that could allow me to help them.

Equine Body Therapy has allowed me to gain this connection and the amazing improvement and results that Equine Body Therapy achieves has driven me to become a practitioner to allow me to share this wonderful treatment with as many horses as I can.

M: 0417 695 475

Monika has been involved with horses for over 50 years. A passion to learn more about their wellbeing developed about 20 years ago, and after investigation and research, she discovered Bowen Therapy. Monika was so amazed by the results, she immediately started her journey in becoming a qualified therapist which she attained in 1999. In addition to Bowen technique, Monika has also studied and qualified in the Emmett Technique, Craniosacral, Fascial Kinetics, Orthobionomy and Thermal Imaging.

Over the last 10 years Monika has assisted Sue Parker and her unique modality, Equine Body Therapy (EBT) in research and development, with her focus being on hooves and their critical relationship to the overall well-being of each horse.

Monika travels and teaches overseas and is currently committed to introducing EBT to the growing number of students in Scandinavia. The interest from prospective students looking to develop a deeper understanding of their horses is overwhelming and Monika is excited to provide training to these enthusiastic students. Our aim is to introduce EBT throughout Europe over the coming years and Monika will certainly be at the forefront of this endeavour.

M: 0408 879 633

Jay Court is the owner and operator of Invigor8 Remedial Sports and Equine Massage located in Moama, NSW.  An ex-butcher, he has reinvented himself as a masseur to the serious athletes – some with two feet and others with four.

Horses have held his fascination since he was a young boy growing up in Skipton, where he participated in pony club, trail riding and stock work.

In 2015, Jay completed a Cert IV in relaxation massage and went on to study remedial massage as well as attending as many relevant workshops as he could.  Interestingly, Jay believes that his 15 years experience as a butcher gave him the opportunity to see up very close and personal how muscles and muscle groups relate, and where and how ligaments connect and work.  Word slowly travelled around the region about this new guy achieving amazing results, especially with athletes, and he now treats many high profile sports people.

In November 2018, Jay became an Equine Body Therapy practitioner, beginning this new leg of his career with a trotting trainer and branching out to work with Thoroughbreds in the racing industry as well as eventers, ponies and hobby horses.

Jay has become so invested in his therapy he purchased a broken down race horse in March 2018, and with treatments every other day for twelve weeks returned her to peak condition before sending her to the trainer.  “She Won’t Leave” has turned over $38000 in prize money with two wins, two seconds and three thirds under her belt to date.  He believes that Levy (as she is affectionately known) has been his biggest teacher and gets a real kick out of being able to help her to give everything as a professional athlete should.

Currently services clients in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Stawell, Wangaratta and as far as 2 hours past the Vic/NSW border and everywhere in between.

M: 0400 735 022

My name is Katie Chambers. I grew up in a small town called Leeton and have been developing my passion for working with horses from when I was a little kid. It first started when working in a local thoroughbred stable from age 12 and has grown ever since.

Over the years after finishing High school, I have graduated from university with a Bachelor of Animal Science, completed EBT, and am currently working as a Veterinary nurse in Echuca, and working towards my Cert IV Veterinary nursing certificate.

Doing Equine Body Therapy has opened my eyes and allowed me to gain a connection to horses that I never knew existed and to see how much these treatments benefit each individual is amazing. This has driven me to become an EBT practitioner, as I wanted to give horses an opportunity using these treatments to be the best version of themselves, where they are happy and pain free.

Mobile: 0499 050 985

I have always enjoyed having horses in my life and whilst on a cattle station in northern Australia my enjoyment turned into a passion. Assisting in the breaking of the colts was the life changing moment for me that started my pathway into EBT almost a decade later.

I currently live in the South East of SA on a property where we farm cattle and sheep. I enjoy my horses, dogs and the menagerie of animals we have and like to live a very holistic lifestyle.

I’ve always had an interest in the body, it’s biomechanics and ways in which we can assist it. My mission is to be able to help not only my horses and my dogs but the animals within my community as well as the people too.



Monika Hasselberg: monika@nqld.net.au


Eline van Ek, DVM: elinevanek@hotmail.com






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Modules are held at Springmount, Victoria unless stated otherwise.